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The 5 Step System To Collect & Retain Customers and clients

(…While Building Reliable Wealth & Business Legacy)

After working in the business of dismantling online businesses and rebuilding them, this masterclass will walk you through the core 5 steps we absolutely follow.


Meet Andrea

This site is the culmination of 2 decades+ of working online. 

At the core of it all, is understanding business and knowing the ingredients, strategy and processes required for success. Understanding what to put in, what to avoid, what steps to take, what to look forward to and how to get there. 

It’s such a relief when you can say with confidence that you know what you do, you do it well, you love it, and most importantly – it truly helps other people. 

My (much) younger sister likes to joke with me that she loves that I am older because she can see all the “mistakes” I’ve made in life and avoid those potholes. 

I’ve made mistakes in life. I’ve made mistakes in business. That’s what I can provide for people – the clear path forward, your next (best) steps, the wins you should be aiming for, and exactly what and how to execute. 

I live in Israel. I am a mother of 4, living the 2nd marriage blended family life, and am unashamedly obsessed with eating seaweed straight from the package, popcorn, the bachelor franchise and Pride & Prejudice.